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Agape Force "In The Beginning"

First, thank you for your prayers for me as I took a short break from my writing focus to address some urgent ministry administrative issues (read AAAAACK…Book Keeping!) 

Monday, after all my deadlines were met (by the virtual…

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Testing The Waters 

I’ve been sitting here for well over an hour trying to make a final decision on which of the many stories I have here at my fingertips to post next. I’ve actually been praying about it. Where to go next…

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Teenage Ministry In A Visitation of God

It’s hard to know where to begin posting the things that I’ve already written so instead, I decided to dive in with something Winkie wrote for the project. Back in 1995, when I had quite a few stories already collected…

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Last Witnesses



A few nights ago Jim & I finished reading "Last Witnesses" aloud. These days we do a lot of reading to each other, mostly when we are driving, the one who is riding shotgun reading to the…

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A Long Hiatus!


Was it worth it? That was the question. 

Other people asked that question too, and although the answer, "Yes," echoed in my soul I didn't have a good handle on the reasons for the echo. I found…

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