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He's Coming Back

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During the time of what we call the "Reedley Revival" some Agape Force kids were invited to come and share what they were doing at a Full Gospel Business Men's dinner. FGBM was a movement during that time perhaps similar to what we might think of as Promise Keepers today.

That night those kids met another visitor to that FGBM function. Barry McGuire. He was a hum dinger folk singer who had been with the New Christy Minstrels. He'd also been very involved in the LA music scene and had a hit protest song, "Eve of Destruction".

Barry was at that meeting because he was on a spiritual quest which had brought him home to Reedley and a visit to his uncle. That night, meeting the kids of Agape Force pushed him over that final edge and into the arms of the Father.

Soon he was one of our number, but in embracing Jesus he had laid down his guitar. The only song he sang for many months was "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus".

As time went by he started writing and singing again. And "He's Coming Back" was a powerful song both in churches and on the streets at that time.

Our dear brother Barry. We loved him then. We love him now and always.


He's Coming Back

Listen to me brothers
Tell you what I hear
Our days on earth are numbered
The end is very near
It's time that He was a coming back
To take His own away
Oh, you better be standin' ready
Cause no man knows the day

He's coming back
He's coming back
But no man knows the hour or the day
He's coming back
He's coming back
He's coming back He's gonna take His own away

Read it in your papers
Watch it on TV
The handwriting is on the wall
It's the call for all to see
There's earthquakes and famine
Violence and crime
The Bible plainly tells us
We're living in the end of time


When the sun has lost its power
And the moon no longer shines
When all the stars have fallen from the sky
You know we're living in the end of time
Thank God it's almost over
And soon we're going home
We're gonna live with him forever
We're gonna sing before His throne