A Long Search

Hi Guys & Dolls,

Got an email a few days ago that the writer said I could share. Every once in a while someone finds me who is searching for something from our past - usually a song. If I have access to it I will burn it and send or email an mp3. This is how I initially "met" this person. But his story is interesting so I thought I would share with all of you who, with me, are connected to the stuff these people are searching for. His email follows.

Hi Dee;

Although you wouldn't know me from Adam, the impact that was made by groups you were a part of such as Agape Force, Winkie Pratney Ministries, YWAM and a host of other is beyond measure.

This wonderful journey in Christ began for me in 1977 in Jacksonville, Florida where, after having come to Christ, I joined the Air Force and was shipped off to the Philippines. Being a new Christian in a foreign land, it could have been very dificult to walk pure were it not for the grace and mercy of my Lord. True to his promise to keep me, he began to manifest himself through others not long after my arrival. I met a young Lady at Clark Airbase by the name of Chit Bulaga, a Philippine national who was with a part of a group called YWAM. This group was located up in the mountains of Northern Luzon in an area called Baguio.

Well I had never heard of YWAM but was hungry to be with likeminded brothers and sisters in Christ so at Chit’s invitation I would make the 2 to 3 hour journey up the mountain to fellowship and be with my new friends whenever I could. It was there that I was first introduced to a song that, when I heard it, I fell instantly in love. Although I never knew the name of the song or if I had I didn’t remember, the words rang pure and true for all of these years.

Then around 10 or so years ago it became an obsession with me to find this song once again. A part of my bucket list you might say.
Fast forward to around three years ago. With the advent of the internet, one can find or discover just about anything. So I started logging into sites where people just like me were reaching out to others with hopes of discover these songs from their past. Even though I didn’t know the name of the song nor artist, I held within my soul those words that ring as true to me today as they did in 1977/78 so I posted the words to the song on these various sites and asked for help in identifying it:

Let me be a living Fire for your glory King of Kings
Fill my soul with pure desire ever while I live.
Help me choose unselfishly from this world I would be free
For all its sin and vanity broke your tender heart
Let your Church with motive clean bring you joy and make you sing
In your presence praise we bring ever while I live.

And then it happened. After about a year I got a hit on one of the sites with the name of the song, the group, the album, and the person who wrote it. So with this new information I once again hit the internet to find out all that I could about this group called “Agape Force” and this song called “Living Fire”. That research led me to you. After I reached out you were kind enough to rip the song and send it to me in an e-mail thus fulfilling that longing and desire to once again be ministered to by this song.

And if we don’t think God has a sense of humor. When all of this finally came to fruition, I was living in Marshall Texas and you in Lindale. From half way round the world to nearly next door…….God is Good….

Dee, we don’t always get to see the big picture of our Fathers plan but in my case he put you in the right place at the right time to give me a precious gift of song that truly was the desire of my heart.

I hope to one day meet you to say thank you in person.

In the Lamb

Don Germain