A “Barbarian” in Paul’s time was not a man without morals. He was not necessarily crude, vicious or uncivilized. A “Barbarian” was simply someone who didn’t speak your language or grow up in your culture. 

Many of these young soldiers faced their toughest battles not in the war zones of the streets, but with those of their own families and friends who did not understand why someone would leave all that was safe and secure and venture out into uncharted territory in the lost streets and cities of their own nation. They believed God had called them to reach a mission field all around them that no-one seemed to love or want to know. Children from homes filled with abuse and emptiness, street teenagers who had no hope or future. Church kids who thought God knew nothing of their secret pain. Like Paul of old, they went because they knew they not only owed Christ everything, but because of His Great Sacrifice, they also owed a debt to people that didn’t understand. 

Winkie Pratney