Interrupted by COVID (I Still Want To Be In Service For Jesus) 


It’s been almost a year since I started the “Tales of Agape” blog here on And although life was getting in the way at the beginning of 2020 I was still spending time working on the logistics of what needed to happen to continue with the blog and ultimately put the manuscript back together so it could become whatever the Lord wanted it to become going forward. 

My last post here was February 20th, 2020. (02/20/2020) Yikes. Seems like a lifetime ago. The life that was getting in the way of writing at that time was a flurry of activity preparing for a ministry tour to California and then back up into the midwest. That was to happen in April and go through the end of May and perhaps early June. There was a lot of work left to do before all the details would fall into place. There were also weekly ‘gigs’ as we regularly visited nursing homes and retirement communities and performed both oldies and original music at a restaurant (GREAT BBQ place in Tyler).  Most exciting of all we were in the studio and collaborating on producing an album of new songs with our friend and pastor, Tim Letsch. And oh yeah - we are also children’s pastors so there was that as well. Writing here was really important to me, but figuring out where to put it in my day was as hard as it had ever been. 

Back in the middle of February (when I posted my last blog here) there were already rumblings of a virus coming out of China, but little did I realize that in just 3 weeks everything I had been spending time on would be shut down indefinitely. One might think that all this would immediately translate to “Oh good! More time to write”, but what actually happened was a sudden shift that made us, if possible, more busy that ever before. 

As lock downs got more and more serious we found ourselves working with a small team (at church) trying to find ways to stay in touch with our congregation in meaningful ways, convert to live streaming services and deciding, as professional musicians, how to move forward at all.

God has been REALLY GOOD through it all and we are still here. We haven’t died and we haven’t starved. Time spent in personal ministry instantly exploded and we have seen some very exciting things happen these last four months. 

Some doors have slammed shut and we don’t know when or if they will ever open again. Yet, God has blasted others open and we are living in times even more exciting and full of potential (for both good and evil - revival and judgement) than when we were young and expecting the Lord’s return at any moment. 

So, here goes to make the AF stories blog more consistent, gather more stories and roll out the ones I already have so that you all can read and comment and give feedback which I think is an important part of the process. What follows today is the FORWARD to the original draft of the MSS. 

We are certainly in unprecedented times. May the Lord give each of us the strength and courage to make a difference with the “word of our testimony.”

* Which reminds me ~ If, at any time, you remember a story from Agape Force days that is meaningful to you and that you would like to try to see get "out there" and perhaps be saved for posterity please reach out. You can make contact here through the web site or you can always send me an email at



“O give thanks to the Lord. Call upon His name. Make known His deeds among the people...” Psalm 105:1,2 (NASB) 

“Tales of Agape” is an expression of gratitude. Gratitude to God, who, years ago, blew across the waters of my generation and stirred the hearts of young people to forsake everything but Him. Gratitude to those very people, hardly more than kids then, who set an example of courage and love and faithfulness that I follow still. 

It is also an act of obedience. We are calling upon Him now to continue what He has begun and to raise up another generation who will fear no one but God and rush headlong to do His will. Yet, unless we tell others what He has done to us, for us, and through us, how will they know what He can do today, through them. We have it in black and white. He wants us to tell these stories of the great things He has done. He commands us to “tell” just as surely as He commanded us to “go”! 

Even now the winds of His love are blowing. The fire of His power is falling. There is no more Agape Force, but His love is still “the greatest force in the universe”. God is raising up youth groups, Churches, organizations, and individuals who will dare to say “yes” to Him. Now. TODAY! 
Those of us who have worked on and prayed over this project bless you.


If you have the heart and the courage to follow Him, no matter what the cost; even though it is not safe; when no one understands; then He will raise you up and show you where and with whom you should serve. 

We’re standing here with the torch in our hand. We’re not ready to stop running. We are ready to pass the torch and run along side a new generation. A generation willing to take up where we left off and go on to be, in Him, far greater than we ever dreamed. 

Long ago we sang this song as an expression of our deep desire to be used by God. God will give you a new song, new methods, new ideas. But it will be the same God who gives them. 


(The title above is a link to the song if you would like to listen)

Lord take this life of mine 
From all selfish pleasure I resign 
Yielded to thee 
Lord, I want to be 
Please accept my humble plea 

Help me to do thy perfect will 
So your purpose I’ll fulfill 
If I can do 
What You want me to 
I’ll bring many lost souls to you 

I want to be in service for Jesus 
I want to feel His love gently guiding me 
To win the lost 
Whatever may be the cost 
I want to be in service for Jesus