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Trying to Get Back to Normal 

It's actually been a little hard to get back to life-as-usual since the Agape Force reunion in August. It was more precious and better than any of us expected and the Lord was here among us so strongly that we were really amazed. Life is returning to it's normal rhythms now - but it's not exactly the same. There are stronger connections with each other. More communication of all kinds....and an expectation of more good things to come. I love you all....each an every one. Stay tuned. God is still moving…Read more

When you are looking at the Google Map... 

Some have mentioned that they just see a US map when they follow the link to Google Maps for the event. Here's what you do....When you see the map of the US, look to the left. There is a panel on the left side that has something in it. It says "AF Reunion Places For Aug 12-14 Weekend ‎ Unlisted" Click on that and the map will change to the one you want. I know...this stuff is confusing :) Now go back to the post below, click the first link, look left, click the AF Reunion....presto...should work...fingers…Read more

Link to Google Map of Reunion Places 

We are soooo excited about this weekend! We'll see you at the ranch staring Friday afternoon.
Here's a link to a Google Map (look at the panel on the left hand side) of the locations for the reunion.
Friday Noon to 5pm - Registration and Tours
Friday Evening 7pm until whenever - First Gathering - meet and greet and share time (Mercy Ships Cafeteria)
Saturday Morning 10am - Brunch - then worship for an hr and hanging our afterward. (Warehouse (CCF Fellowship…Read more

Things are Coming Together 

I've been trying to figure out who is coming to the reunion...and have a spreadsheet going to help with that. Looks like there are about 80 people who seem to have made definite plans to come. So exciting! We've been working and praying hard here that it will all come together and it seems to be. God is good and we are really looking forward to spending time with our old buds.

A Month Out 

Not time for a long post, but we're getting excited here about the 3 Days in August Reunion in Lindale. Excited and scared. Happy and nervous. Thrilled and wobbly. God seems to be doing things - doing miracles to get people here and starting something ahead of time. Believe me. Other than a physcial agenda of when to meet and what to eat - we don't have one. We just want to see your faces and want God to be able to do what He wants in our midst, in our children and to give us whatever He wants us to have…Read more

Time For A Facelift 

Actually, it's time for a whole new site. A complete re-build. It's been a long time since I've even been able to update the Agapeforce.com web site. I do apologize, but I didn't know what to do about it, until a few months ago. Then a new web solution that we had found for our band popped into my mind one day in prayer and BOING - I knew that's how the Lord wanted me to solve the issues I was having. There is such great functionality and even a techno ditz like me can learn to use it. There aren't many…Read more